Year 4 Camp

Hi all

If you child is to have medication at camp could you please bring it into school this Thursday or Friday in a snap-lock bag with dosage and time it needs to be taken. Parents are required to sign the medication sheet in Mr Hamaline’s room. Otherwise you will need to sign and hand over medication to either Mr Hamarline or Mrs Paterson on Monday morning from 7:30am-7:45am in Area C.

Just a reminder that the Year 4’s will need to be at school next Monday at 7:30am so we can leave for camp at 8am. Your child can leave their bags in Area C behind the markers for their class. Please ensure your child has packed their snack, lunch and drink bottle in a separate bag or small backpack and not in their luggage.

Don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket, beanie and ugg boots or slippers( to wear in the cabins and in the dining room)…..and their teddy and a book to read!

A tennis court is available for children to use in their free time so they can bring along a tennis racket and some tennis balls if they fancy a hit with Mrs P!

Looking forward to a having a fantastic time with your children.

Mrs P

Drain Walk Excursion

Just a reminder that 4E will be leaving school at 11am tomorrow to have a look at the impact that the local streams and drains have had on the environment in Mt Martha.

We will be returning by 1pm.

If you can come along and help with supervision it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dhana (Asha’s mum) for already offering to help with our walk.

Mrs P

Just One day!

What a day! Year 4. With only a piece of fruit and a cup of rice, many students found the going tough. Carrying water to their village, playing games with minimal resources, learning about the difference between themselves and those less fortunate there was a lot to take in!

A massive thank you to Jules K (Bailey’s mum) for her work in the kitchen. Single-handedly she prepped and served 115 hungry faces who were asking for more! Then she cleaned up! Thanks Jules!

Here is a snapshot of the water carrying activity. They had to think about what it may be like to collect and transport water on their own to their village. They were surprised how heavy 3L of water became. They walked for 30min. Some walking up to 4km, how’s that for grit!

Don’t forget to send a gold coin donation to help support children received the education they need in developing countries!

Mrs P

Inquiry Projects

Hi all

4E have been busily researching their countries and will be beginning the process of putting all their information and pictures on posters, booklets or completing their Power Points tomorrow. If you are able to assist them at home with any more  research or printing out pictures that would be a great help.

Next Wednesday afternoon, the 28th March  from 2:15pm to 3:15pm the Year 4’s will be presenting their projects in their classrooms to their Prep Buddies, parents, and other students. If you are able to make it during this time the children in Year 4 will astound with their knowledge and expertise!

Hope to see you there!

Mrs P

Make Up Beach Day

Hi all

Next Friday, 23rd March 4E will be going to Mt Martha Beach to make up for the session they missed a few weeks ago.

The class will be leaving school at 11:30am and returning at 2:30pm. If you could assist in walking the class to and from the beach or meeting us there and helping with the activities could you please let me know.

All helpers need to have a current Working With Children Check.

Looking forward to another great time at the beach!

Mrs P


Talk Homework


Hi all

Some children in 4E have taken home the stimulus photos and narrative plan for their writing tomorrow.

If you get a chance, please have a chat what their story could be about. In class they have been focusing on the structure of their stories by breaking them up into paragraphs and when and how they should use them.

To start a new paragraph they need to consider the Time – does the time change? Place – have you moved to a different location? Topic –  have you changed the topic within your writing piece ? Person – is there a change of who is being described or who is talking?

I’m looking forward to reading their stories and seeing if they’ve remember how and when to use a new paragraph!

Mrs P


How to Hold a Pencil….

Pencil Grip

It has been interesting watching students write. There are still some students holding their pencils in a way that impacts on their ability to write efficiently. Writing is kind of like swimming in some respects. An efficient stroke allows for energy conservation. As does the grip of a pencil for writing. If a pencil is not held correctly this can make cursive script very difficult. Check your child’s grip. They should be holding the pencil in a tripod grip.

If your child is having trouble head to the shops this weekend and pick up a triangular pencil. Don’t get one that is too big. It needs to be a similar size to their normal cylindrical pencil.

Then practice! Have a look at these links to the department’s website; they look at how to form and join letters.

Right Handers

Left Handers

How to join…

Internet Safety Pledges & 4E Avatars

Year 4 Safer Internet Day Pledges
Creating avatars opens the door to discussions and activities about the importance of protecting students’ identities when online while providing them with opportunities for sharing their personal voice through creative expression. I hope that every time students switch to their online identities, they are reminded to think about Internet safety. We are also learning about never giving our last name, phone number, address and other private information online.

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4E Avatars

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